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Slide Bracelets

Whether you are interested in collecting slides for slide bracelets or just want to learn what they are, you are in the right place to learn. Congratulations on your interest in being informed accurately about the many options available when collecting slides. Our expertise is fine 14K gold antique and collectable jewelry items, specifically Watch Slides and Bracelets. As you look through our collection, remember we can manufacture all models with just about any gem and can manufacture your slide in 14K white or yellow gold.

What is so special about a Slide Bracelet?

A slide bracelet can be customized to your own taste and preferences. Each slide can be representative of any special occasion and are most often added with birthstones of family members. They have been referred to as the Ultimate Collectable Heirloom. If you've never purchased a bracelet and are wondering where to start, consider a cable bracelet.

How Much Do Slide Bracelets Cost?

Slides and slide bracelets can be priced from $229.00 for a good quality 14K Starter Bracelet to thousands of dollars for rare and fine slides and gemstones. Individual slides can be purchased starting as low as $125.00 for 14K quality solid back slides and up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars, just like any other piece of fine jewelry. Beware of cheaper immitations that are smaller, have immitations gems, and low-quality gold.

Who Manufacturers Slides?

Our products are manufactured by the best bracelet slide manufacturers in the world, including Richard Glatter and Stuller Designs. Our in-house jewelers insert the highest quality gems. Buy your bracelets slides from the best slide bracelet dealer in the country at We guarantee your satisfaction.

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